Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Stars

These are the stars I've got done so far. Three each of the big stars, seven each of the small ones. I'm about halfway done another set of three big stars, then I'll only have one set left. Once those are done, I can assemble the quilt top! Well, I'll have to trim the center panel to size, and cut a couple slab borders, but that won't take long. I ran out of background by the time I got to the big stars, so there are similar fabrics, but different ones for the backgrounds. I think it will be fine in the final quilt.

I also have about 45 blocks for my niece's wedding quilt done.

Wow, that left half of the triangle looks blue in this pic! It's purple, just a blueish purple. I was trying to incorporate all kids of purples in this quilt, so there are blueish-purples, reddish violets, all the was to lavender and some other pale purples. The silver fabrics range from pale white/silver to grey. I think it will be a fun quilt when it's done. It's funny this wedding quilt has 9" blocks with only 4 pieces in each block! I usually work with MUCH smaller pieces.

My 2017 deadline quilt list is growing, but I'll worry about those next year. I'm still plugging along on 2016 deadline quilts. The thing about having a big family, it there is always someone who needs a quilt. As if I really need an excuse to quilt! I'm really hoping 2017 becomes a big finishing year. I need to whittle down these UFO's a bit, and I don't have much time to work on them now, with so many deadline quilts still needing to be done.

I'll be back to cleaning things out of the house in earnest again soon. Big changes are coming, but even I'm not sure how many changes are coming. It's going to be exciting around here!

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Katie M. said...

Love those stars! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt...