Friday, April 13, 2018

Company and What's Next?

Well, the shower last week was a success! DD#1 got some very nice gifts, several of which were handmade, besides the ones I made for baby. 

I had been planning Sunday as a rest day, but I ended up hosting dinner for 20 instead. Rest Monday?

Nope, Monday we assembled the furniture we ordered from Home Reserve. I ordered two chairs, two loveseats, and the one ottoman you see here. All but one chair is assembled, one box was horribly damaged in transit, and one piece was broken, but the company has already sent us a replacement. I looked at furniture locally, but couldn't find anything I liked. Home Reserve is an interesting company. Everything they use is American made, the frames have a ten year warranty, and everything is replaceable. If one cushion gets ruined I can replace just that one cushion. If I decide I want a new color, I can replace all the fabric. All the furniture has storage space under the cushions. 

Tuesday we went up Mt. Lemmon with our out of town company. We had a great picnic up there, during which I got sunburned a little. The pine forest smelled so good! 

Wednesday I actually did get some rest! I slept in and we even went out to dinner. 

Thursday and Friday I've been working on misc. stuff. I started cutting for the wedding quilt I'm starting over on.

My arm is still not liking cutting, though it's handling sewing and quilting much better. I can only cut for about 30 minutes before I need to take a break.

There are rumors in the family grapevine that three engagement announcements may be happening soon, so I really need to get the five wedding quilts I'm behind on finished. I've already got plans for the next three wedding quilts. I'd rather have a plan and have them decide to wait than to be overwhelmed with decisions to make on their quilt. 

This weekend is busy. I've got company spending the weekend, I'm making a huge family dinner for Sunday, and I'm not thinking anything quilty will be happening. 

I think the most quilty thing I've done this week is shopping. I bought some fabric online with specific projects in mind.

I picked up these fat quarters at Joann for 70 cents each. The fabric quality isn't fantastic, but some projects don't need premium fabrics.

I also bought 12" cuts of some Asian-inspired fabrics along with a bolt of Kona black. I have more Asian fabrics coming from my online purchases. The only serious yardage I got was the solid black, and one bolt likely isn't enough for the two quilts I have planned. Everything else I bought was fat quarters. I'm not no-buy, but I have been trying to buy as little as I can and still make what I want to make. Since I have two Asian quilts I want to make, as well as one I want to do in Civil War repros, I needed to make some purchases. I might have three or four Asian fat quarters in stash, along with maybe a half dozen Civil War repros, but you can't get a quilt out of just that. Fat quarters are a great way for me to get the variety I want and add the least to my stash. 

I just heard my company is on the way! Time to get off the computer!

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