Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Block Tower

I've been making Town Square quilt blocks, and I've now got all the blocks finished.

How's that for a stack of blocks? I didn't count them, and I can't remember offhand how many I was making, but at one point I figured there were enough for a queen/king quilt. If I remember correctly, I think there were even a couple extra blocks. 

Mother's Day was fun around here. I got some vintage-looking sewing advertising signs for my sewing room.

I haven't decided where to hang them yet, and I'm a little hesitant to hang them right now, because I've got a few more on my wishlist, and my birthday is coming up. If I do hang them now I might just use pushpins for now, just in case I happen to get a couple more soon.

I also got these for Mother's Day...

...and I got a book, a gift card, and I heard from all of my kids which was the best!

I don't need the Town Square quilt finished anytime soon, so now that the blocks are done, I've put them aside and am back to cutting a quilt I do need done ASAP. My arm had been hurting too much to do any cutting, but it's feeling a bit better, so I can cut a little at a time. 

I have two grandsons that either just got a bigger bed, or will be getting a bigger bed very soon, and I need to come up with quilts for them, as well as finish the weighted blankets and wedding quilt backlog. With my arm still causing issues. I chose a UFO for one grandson, that has all the blocks done already, and the other will be getting a UFO that has been cut out, but not sewn on at all. I'm hoping to use it as leaders/enders while I work on the wedding quilts. I really need to get a design wall sorted so I can start assembling some quilts more easily. Since most of my quilts are scrappy, seeing them laid out before I sew them together makes for a much more balanced quilt.  I don't have a good floor area to lay out a big quilt, which is why I saved one wall in my new sewing room to feature a large design wall. Now to just find the time to get it made...

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swooze said...

Sounds like you are playing to your strengths of using what you have already in a state you can deal with. If I was closer I’d help cut! Bit by’re getting there!