Thursday, January 10, 2019

Change of Spree

I had planned to do a basting spree this week, but I changed my plans. I hadn't finished cutting out several projects on my list, so I decided to do a cutting spree instead.

^I cut out fabrics for six weighted blankets. I know I have enough pellets for these, when these are finished I'll evaluate how many pellets I have remaining and cut more, if needed. All of these are new starts. I bought quite a bit of fleece on sale, and I put all of it away while I was working on cutting out these squares. Some of what I put away I will dig back out for backing the weighted blankets, but I work better in a cleared space, so putting fabric away until needed works best for me. 

^Here are five projects I started cutting for in 2018, so these are all on my UFO list. Two of these projects still need sub-cutting, one still needs sashing cut, and one is completely cut out and ready to put on the design wall. A couple of these need lines drawn on squares which I plan to do next week. 

I did finish a non-quilting project. I've got all the baby bibs I was working on finished.

I was trying for a fun mix of boys bibs here. I figure nine bibs gives three days worth, and since most people with little ones do laundry more than once a week, it should be enough. 

I've got company coming tomorrow, and more the next day, so I'm glad I got most of my cutting goals finished this week. 

DH was sweet and dropped my Bernina 440 off for a spa treatment. It was overdue for one. Since I don't have anything basted, I'll be piecing on a vintage machine next week. That's not a problem as I do most of my piecing on vintage machines. I plan to work on the string quilt that's been on my design wall for a couple months, and I have LOTS of Flying Geese to make that will be good leaders/enders for string blocks. I've been a bit stressed lately, and string blocks are a great way for me to de-stress a bit. 

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