Thursday, March 16, 2023

Two Quilt Tops

 I may not have any real finishes to talk about, but sometimes a finished top is still a win!

I've never used sashing so wide before, but I didn't want it to look like sashing with a border. I wanted it to look like the blocks were pieced into a single fabric. I'm pretty happy with the end result. 

I busted some autumn colored squares, and more 3.5" strips. I had several matching 3.5" strips, so all the hourglass blocks came from those thanks to my companion angle ruler. 

In the 64 patch quilt, I used 1,920 squares. In the other I used 720, so a total of 2,640 squares busted so far. Based on how many squares I still have left, I'm guessing I probably have 20,000 squares 😱 Yeah, no way I can bust them all this month, but if I make a good dent, it's a win. 

I got my Buckeye Beauty blocks sewn into sets of four now. This quilt will bust another 896 squares, and busted a bunch of green 3.5" strips thanks to the EZ angle ruler. Setting the blocks this way is often called the Jewel Box. 

The Buckeye Beauty and the second quilt were the only ones I was planning to bust 2" squares with an autumn palette, so I sorted the rest of the 2" squares I had put aside for those into colors, and they are with their respective color families now. 

I'm hoping to get the Buckeye Beauty quilt assembled tomorrow. 

Next on the 2" square bust is an orange/yellow project I'm just starting, and I'm hoping to get back to Scrap Vomit which is already started. I think I'm going to turn Scrap Vomit into two throw sized quilts rather than one big one. 

I think next week I'm only going to use 2" squares as my leader/enders, while I take a break from that, and work on the Amerivespa quilt, and the March "block" for my Viking Murder Mystery quilt. This month the "block" is actually an entire row, and it may take me a day just to get it all cut. I love the look of the row, and I'm excited to do it. 

I hope you all get some scraps busted in March too!

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