Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playing with leftovers

    It doesn't seem right to call the parts left over from a scrap quilt 'scraps'. When you add into consideration that all of these mats were made from partially sewn pieces, it really doesn't seem correct. Therefore, these are my 'leftover' mini-quilts. I'm planning on using them as gift basket liners. One of these already went to my MIL without a basket or anything. She is decorating this week and I thought she could put one on an end table, or put a couple candles on it or something. I thought they came out very cute, and there was just too much fabric here to toss, and I didn't want to stick these Christmas prints back in my stash. If they go over well, I may have a new use for orphan blocks. I like doing gift baskets, because you can have a lot of fun picking what goes into them. 
    I got all the pajama bottoms cut out today, as well as finishing these mats. Tomorrow the goal is cutting and sewing one scrub top and one skirt. The pajama bottoms can wait until Thursday. I need to get Christmas cards sent, but I got the Christmas letter done, and bought stamps today when I mailed Christmas packages. Not too bad for two weeks till Christmas.

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