Saturday, December 6, 2008

Still Alive

I know I haven't posted in a week, but I've been so busy. I had my exploding star quilt turn into multiple projects. I finished the exploding star top, and it is pin-basted. I decided to use the extra 1 1/2 inch strips from my attempting to make pinwheel ornaments, and make a piano key border for the exploding star quilt. That took a while. I am hoping to get it done by Monday, and will post pics as soon as it's done.
I had leftover 2 3/4 inch strips from the exploding star center, and I ended up using them to make a simple strip quilt backing for a panel. That is completely finished, but it's a Christmas gift so no pictures.
I started playing with the leftover pieces from all those projects, and decided to make mini quilts to use to line a couple of baskets in which I will put yummy Christmas baked goods. I thought those would make quick gifts. Those are not finished, but I can get them done in a day. I will post pics of those when they are done. I doubt the people who will receive them will peruse my blog.
My Christmas ornaments are stalled, but I will get the pinwheel ones done. I decided the log cabin ones will have to wait until next year. I think I have enough pinwheels made for about 3 dozen ornaments. I've just been sewing those as leader/enders while I work on other things. Assembling them into ornaments should just be an afternoon project.
I'm hoping to have all of these quilted things done by Wednesday, then I have 7 pajama bottoms and 9 scrub tops to work on.
My youngest daughter and her BF came over yesterday and helped me decorate for Christmas. I'm hoping I can get her to come over next Friday too, and help with the Christmas cookies. I make so many, it is an all day affair. My youngest son, the baby of the family, is turning 16 on the 9th, so tonight is his family birthday dinner, and next Saturday is the friend thing. Tonight I'm actually cooking a nice dinner, but next week, I'll probably order pizza when they get back from paintball. We rarely celebrate birthdays on the right day, since we are trying to coordinate so many schedules.
It may seem like I'm coming down to the wire, but I ditched the projects I didn't think I'd get done, like making new stockings, and added a couple I knew I could complete, like the basket liners. I think I can get all the things being shipped in the mail on Tuesday, and I finished Christmas shopping this morning, so I think I'm doing well.

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