Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comfort quilt

    This is what I've been working on the past few days. Everything else got put on hold. One of my DH's coworkers found out they have cancer, and I wanted to get a quilt made before her first chemo treatment. First treatment is tomorrow, and I finished and delivered this today, so that's good. There are 40 blocks in the quilt, with the center rail being of each signed by a coworker.

    I was really impressed at how seriously the people at work took this, and there are some really sweet sentiments on the quilt. Not one person just signed their name. Everyone had a word of encouragement or a prayer for her. I feel blessed to have been involved in such a project.


Stephanie Newman said...

Hi Melodie,
Your quilt turned out beautifully-what happy-making colours you've used. I'm sure your husband's co-worker will thrive underneath all that love!
Stephanie in Australia-we've been emailing!

Carol said...

The quilt looks lovely. I'm sure it will be well received and kudos for getting everyone involved.