Sunday, March 8, 2009

scrap quilt

   Here is the quilt I made that started with the leftover HST's from the last one. See those colored squares in the center of the black and white squares. Those were the HST's from the orphan block quilt. I know it wasn't much to start with, but I just went with it. My braided border came out a little wavy, but I think it will quilt out OK. With just a little tension on the edges, it does straighten out. I just got in too much of a hurry to finish this top, and I don't care enough about this little quilt to redo it. I am in a 'let's get some quick quilt tops made so I can practice on my quilting machine' mode.
    I have a bunch of pre-cut pieces just the right size for the braided borders. They are one of the sizes I save in my scrap user system. I'm making extra braid and I'm going to make a couple of lap size quilts with the braid in rows for the center, and a simple border. I'll have to slow down when I sew all those bias rows together, or maybe I'll just put the walking foot on my machine. I thought about doing that this time, and didn't. I should have. Live and learn. I had no problems at all with the last braided border I made, and I think it made me careless this time.

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Karen said...

Wonderful quilt!