Thursday, March 5, 2009

Orphan block quilt top

    Here is my newest top made from orphan blocks.

   I had rail blocks left from two different quilts. There weren't enough from either one to do anything with, and the colors were so different I wasn't sure I could put them together.  In the book I reviewed a couple of days ago, there was a quilt with rail blocks made into snowball blocks. I thought with  black and white as a unifying element, it might work to put these together. I did have to make one more rail block, but all my rail block orphans are used up in this quilt.
   Now when I make snowball blocks, I just can't resist those extra HST's made from double sewing the corners. On this quilt, I probably should have tossed them, because they are so small. In fact, to square them to a standard size, I'm trimming them to 1.5 inches. I didn't toss them, and they are now on their way to becoming another quilt.
    A couple of notes about this top, the corner fabrics are the same pattern. The black is the background fabric from the cat quilt, the white is the same pattern, but I bought it at a thrift store! The borders are opposites as well. The inner border is white with black dots. It doesn't blend in with the white corners near as much in person as in the picture. The outer border is black with white dots. The dotted fabrics are the basis for the next quilt top I'm making with the leftover HST's from this one. I'm just in a black and white mood I think. I have a couple of other black and white WHIMM's (Works Hidden In My Mind) in my head as well.

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