Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fabric bowls

When we started thinking about centerpieces for DD#3's reception, we threw out several ideas. Our venue is very particular about candles, so we didn't want to try to come up with something they would accept. I saw a site online that had centerpieces that held the wedding favors. We all liked that idea, but the prices were very high, so we had to come up with a more affordable option. I had thought of shopping thrift stores and doing a shabby chic type arrangement on each table, but DD#3 wanted all the tables to match. That wasn't likely in thrift stores. I remembered a book I had purchased a while back about making fabric bowls. I showed it to DD#3 and she liked this idea, so the centerpieces will be fabric bowls with the favors inside.

Now I hadn't ever made a fabric bowl, but I bought the supplies and dove in. Now I've made twelve, and they are pretty easy to make. They did take a bit longer than I bargained for, and they used a lot of thread. I went through 2 -1000m spools making these.

Here are all 12, with most stacked in the middle.

A bird's eye view of the top.

A bottom view.

These bowls can be flipped inside out, and the white would become the outside and the black the inside. They are pretty sturdy. I happened to find the templates on clearance so I bought them, and I'm glad I did. If I had only been making one or two, it wouldn't have bothered me to do them without the templates, but having templates made cutting and marking 12 much faster.

Making these really got my imagination going. I like doing plastic canvas, and I always enjoyed making the 3D projects. I realized with this fusible stabilizer, I could make a lot of the projects I used to do with plastic canvas, but faster with fabric. Too many ideas are now flitting through my head! No time to do them, but lots of ideas.

DD#3's wedding quilt came back from the longarmer today. It looks great, and I am so pleased. I am hoping to get the binding on tomorrow, and then on to the next wedding project.


Kristie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those bowls! A perfect idea! I've never tried to make those, but they look very nice!

Can't wait to see the wedding quilt! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Hannah said...

Wow Mom, those bowls are beautiful! What an awesome idea!