Monday, October 5, 2009

Three bound

Here are three of my quilted tops bound. I have two more that need binding. I'm planning on getting those done sometime this week. I did get my quilting goals done. I only have one top left unquilted, and it is loaded on the frame.

This is the back of one of those quilts. I have a whole bolt of the large print fabric, but I have been hesitating to use it, just because I was too lazy to match up the design on a wide quilt. Well, I decided I have two easy options if I don't want to match up the design, and both involve two fabrics. On this one, I cut the large print on the fold, and just added a second fabric in the width I needed. I could also add a second fabric on both sides of the large print for a quick backing. I really like the way this looks, and it was very easy to do, so I'm thinking several of my next quilts will have this fabric for backings and my bolt will soon be gone. I am always amazed at how fast I can go through a bolt of fabric if I'm using it for backings. I've finished so many quilt lately, my bolts are going down pretty quickly. I think I've emptied four bolts so far this year, and I bought my first bolt two years ago. Once I get the other two quilts bound, I think I'll be close to 200 yards used for the year.

Hopefully my next post will have pics of some of the things I'm making for DD#3's reception! Time to get get going on that.

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