Friday, October 30, 2009

Warming up while cooling off?

The weather has been unusually cool for Tucson in October. All of my company got to feel the beautiful weather, and then it turned cool when they left. I actually like cooler weather better, so I'm OK with this change, but the house is a bit too cool for comfort since I refuse to turn on the heat. See the mug on the table, it's hot spiced cider, my way of warming up!

I'm trying to pick up some of my projects now that life is returning to normal. I had some blocks trimmed, and I got all of those sewn up this morning, but I had these piles left to trim. I opted to sit at the kitchen pile and trim instead of standing in my sewing room, somehow the kitchen seemed like it would be warmer. Why it seemed that way I have no idea, since I didn't cook at all today, and decided we could survive on leftovers :-)

Sometimes I really have a struggle making myself do this type of tedious trimming. The directions I am using call for making the blocks oversized and then trim. I know it will be more accurate this way, and these are scraps I feel no guilt about throwing away! I got everything trimmed and then cut the blocks into smaller pieces, so I can sew them together again tomorrow! I am hoping to get all the blocks for this quilt sewn tomorrow, as well as do a bit of cutting. This quilt will need borders cut, and I have another that needs sashing and borders cut. If I can get all of that done tomorrow, I can start assembling both quilts next week.

We are definitely in the time of year when I must be careful which pictures I post. The two quilts I am currently working on will both be gifts, and I have a pretty long list of gifts I'd like to make. Only time will tell how much I will actually get done before the holidays. I'll have to see if I can go from warming up to hot on sewing projects!

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