Friday, March 5, 2010

Celtic Mystery finished!

Here is a pic of the Celtic Mystery quilt back from the LAQ. I think she did a beautiful job. She even bound it for me. I just sent her the striped fabric I had planned on using for the binding, and I got it back finished. This is only the second time I paid to have a quilt quilted, and the first time I paid to have it bound, but it is pretty nice to do once in a while. I've been drowning in projects so this worked well for me right now.

You can see the feather quilting design a bit better from the back.

I ordered from Thread Art late at night on the 2nd. Today is the fifth and I got my order! I didn't even order expedited shipping, just standard. They are based in Texas, and I'm in Arizona, so it's not too far by US standards, but still, that's FAST! Now I can keep quilting on DD#2's quilt, and not worry about running out of the variegated thread I'm using. They had great prices on some cones, so I ordered a couple of cones of colors I don't have in large quantities.

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Kristie said...

I'm in love with that quilt! I think it is beautiful!