Monday, March 8, 2010

Fraternal Twins

I was sick of quilting on DD#2's quilt, so I finally got a border on this blue scrappy quilt. I was originally going to put a narrow white border before a blue one, but I think it ruined the white diamonds on the quilt. The border is a blue and white tiny plaid. The selvage says Marcus Brothers in tiny letters and no date, and I get the feeling this is some really old fabric. I have had people give me fabric, and I buy some at thrift stores when I find decent quality fabric, so I have no idea how old this fabric is. I know I didn't buy it new.

I also finished assembling the kitchen sink scrappy I was making. This kind of everything goes scrappy is my personal favorite. I like all of the colors mixed up, but I'm trying to do some more subdued quilts for people who don't appreciate the mishmash of colors. I auditioned several fabrics for the border, but when in doubt, I choose red. It has white microdots on it, so it's not a solid even though it looks that way in the photo. I love this pattern, and I started another one in purples, and I have the greens ready to go when the purple one is done. This is just a great leader/ender project!

Now I have 3 quilt tops ready to be quilted, these two and the ugly quilt. None of them will be quilted until I get my daughter's quilt done. I have a quilt to be raffled off in May that needs to be started. When I'm taking breaks from quilting tomorrow, I might start cutting it out, or I might start assembling another quilt I have the blocks done for. I've got people coming over tomorrow, so I may not get much of anything done as far as my sewing goes.

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