Monday, March 8, 2010

One Fourth of .......Forever

I just finished quilting one fourth of DD#2's quilt. It feels like it's taking forever! I realized I was never going to finish going just an hour or two per day, so today I put in 4-5 hours on it. I really need to get this finished, and I'm really a bit more than one fourth done. I was hoping to finish this before I leave town next week, and the next couple of days will determine whether or not it is even remotely possible. I am not confident that I will get this quilted by next Wednesday, so I may end up making this my secondary project, and working on some more pressing projects when I get back from my trip. I would hate to have that happen, since my daughter has already been waiting so long for this quilt. I suppose I can only do what I can do, right?

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