Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been eight days since I decided to make this quilt. I was hoping to be farther along than this, but life keeps interrupting. I've got the top of the comfort quilt together, and the backing pieced. I'll go pin baste as soon as I'm done with this post. That outer white border was a last minute addition, but I really like it. I've never done borders this way before, but the quilt had a mind of it's own. I am planning to bind with dark green, and I think it will look much nicer against the white than against the busier border.

Making a quilt seems like so little to help someone deal with a serious illness. I am hoping it will bring them some comfort.

I took the time to trim up all the quilt leftovers on my Juki cabinet and get it cleaned off. I might be able to start quilting tomorrow, but maybe not until Thursday, we have some company in town, and errands to run as well.

I have been assembling other quilts as my leader/ender project while making this quilt. I have the rows for two other quilts completely done, a couple rows for another, and piano key borders for one quilt ready too. I have so much quilting to do, that once this quilt is finished, I'll have to decide what comes next. Since I prefer piecing over quilting, I may make piecing my reward for getting to a quilting goal. I have too many quilts in the works right now, and I really need to see some of them finished and out of my sewing room.

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