Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just in Time!

I did it! I made my goal of having all my 2011 "must finish" quilts done by the end of August. Yes, I know today is the last day of August, but still, I finished in time :-)

Here is Mr. L's samurai quilt. I had a hard time deciding on what design I wanted to quilt on this quilt. I'm in the mood to try new things, and I do not do well with practicing. I know everyone says to make practice sandwiches to try new free motion designs, but it seems a waste of fabric and batting to me. I'd rather just go for it on a real quilt. I was watching Patsy Thompson's Fast and Free Volume 2 DVD for ideas, and I originally thought I'd try something like candlelight which looks sort of like flames. When I sat down to start quilting, I decided samurai on fire was a bit violent for a baby quilt, so I opted to try the innies and outies design instead.

Here is a close up of the quilting. I just picked a spot where it showed up well. It looks better from a distance ;-) I had a lot of fun quilting this design, it's like doodling on your quilt. I'm sure I'll try this design again.

I have two more baby quilts pin-basted. I hope to get one finished tomorrow, and maybe the other on Saturday. I picked out my next quilts to pin-baste, and I decided to go for a bunch more baby quilts. The baby quilts are so fast to finish, it will get my number of quilt tops waiting for quilting down quickly, which I think will encourage me to do the bigger ones. It will also give me chance to try more new designs so I have more options when it comes to the bigger quilts.

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