Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Finished It!

I finished the comfort quilt tonight. Now DH will be in charge of getting his coworkers to sign it and get it delivered.

I hadn't realized I was getting so low on polyester batting. I bought whole rolls of cotton batting and poly batting at the same time. The poly batting was only 25 yards, and the cotton was 40 yards. I have quite a bit of the cotton batting left, but I am almost out of the polyester. By the time I get caught up on quilting the quilt tops that are ready, I am likely to be out of both battings. It's time to start looking for rolls of batting on sale.

Tomorrow is another babysitting day, but if my little guy takes a good nap, maybe I can get a backing pieced, so I can pin baste another quilt Saturday morning. That would be a good thing. I still have lots of other projects to do, including finishing the bibs for the twins, but I will just flit from project to project until I get more finishes. I don't want to start anything else new until I get a few things done.