Friday, October 28, 2011

I Actually Sewed Something!

I thought I would spend part of yesterday working on DD#3's costume, but that didn't happen. She was gone most of the day, and I had forgotten to take measurements before she left. Today I babysat for 10 hours, but, during the short one hour nap my little guy took, I sewed!

I have been wanting some coasters for my living room, and I made seven start to finish in that one hour. Usually Mr. S naps longer, but we had a plumber here, and cleaning out the pipes was noisy, so neither Mr. S nor the grandtwins slept very long today. These coasters were so easy, I still got 7 made, and I've never made one before.

Directions for making these can be found here

I've seen these made a couple different ways, with squares and triangles, and I even saw a youtube video where someone used this same method to make potholders, by adding batting to it. I've seen directions using charm packs, and several different sized squares.

I used some 5 inch squares I had cut from scraps. I know some people don't like pre-cutting fabric into certain sizes, but I never would have been able to make seven of these in an hour if I didn't have a bunch of squares already cut. I never buy pre-cut fabrics, I just make my own. Well, actually I do buy fat quarters, so if you consider those pre-cuts, I do buy some.

I'd like to get a few more coasters made tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I am not a fastidious housekeeper by any stretch of the imagination. You don't have to take your shoes off at the door, you can eat in my living room, my furniture is far from new. One of my only picky things is not leaving water rings on my wood furniture. Hopefully the coasters will keep more damage from being done.

The pile of stuff in the guest room is much smaller now. (Pic was in my last post) It is basically down to scraps and garment fabric. Almost everything else is put away. I didn't sew yesterday, but I did work in the sewing room. I got much more done in the sewing room than I thought I would before DD#1's visit.

I am anxious to see everyone! Only four more days until DD#1, DSIL, and Mr. Z (GS#1) get here, and then other company will be coming and going over the next two weeks to see them. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving early, and DH and I spent some time counting up who is likely to come, and we came up with 38 people. I will rarely have less than 10 people for a meal for the entire two weeks. Needless to say, sewing during that time is highly unlikely :-)

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