Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Done Folding

I am finally done with folding fabric, for now anyway! I've used almost all of the minibolt forms DH cut for me, and when I was almost to the bottom of the stack, look what I found!

He had written me a note on one of the boards after he cut them for me, "I love you!" He is a keeper for sure! He hadn't said a word about the note, he just waited until I found it. It was actually DD#3 who saw it first. It was her saying, "Awwww", that made me look.

Here is what I need to tackle tomorrow. I need to get all of these bolts sitting on top of my sewing cabinets onto the shelves. I think they will all fit, but if they don't I'll just stick whatever won't fit on top of the shelves for now. I folded more than I had originally planned on. I got all of the scrub fabrics folded, and about half of those are already put away. I realized I would have extra room, so I dug out fabrics that were put aside elsewhere, and got everything over 2 yards folded as well, as well as some of the smaller pieces. I have a small stack of 100% cottons still in a cabinet in the living room, but mostly I've emptied it out.

Here is the stack of sewing stuff still in the little guest room. A month ago this whole room was filled to the brim, so I really have made a lot of progress. The gray totes contain garment fabrics, and this is where they will stay for a while. The milk crate on top of the gray totes contains my Christmas stocking project, so hopefully that crate will be empty before Christmas. The fabric to the left of the blue milk crate is also garment fabric. The fabric stacked to the right of the gray totes are my 60" poly/cottons, which I will probably use up in quilt backs for donation quilts. I will probably move it to the cabinet I just emptied in the living room for now.

The white trash bags hold fabrics for specific projects, and a few UFOs. The white bucket has strings in it, mostly blue, but a few other colors got mixed in in the move. There is an EMPTY under-the-bed container on top of that bucket.

The laundry basket, clear trash bag, and green milk crate all have scraps in them that need to be cut up into usable sized pieces. When I said I was way behind in cutting up scraps, I wasn't kidding! Even with my GO! cutter, it's going to take a while to tame all of those scraps, but when I do get going on that, I will have lots of pieces to play with.

Today we took the grandtwins to the zoo for the first time. They noticed the animals if they were moving, but not if they were still. Miss S cried when the giraffe started walking towards her. Both the twins watched the tiger pacing back and forth right in front of them, and I think they just figured it was just a bigger dog than we have at home, because they weren't at all worried about it. We bought a zoo pass, so we can take them regularly, and I'll enjoy seeing how the twins will change their reactions to the animals as they get older. We tried to bring our kids to the zoo often when they were young.

I'm still getting ready for DD#1 and her family to come next week. I've gotten a few meals made and in the freezer, and I've been making loose plans for what will happen when. I'd like to get some cookies baked, and some grocery lists made. A lot of the meals I have planned need last minute items from the store, so if I make the lists now, maybe I won't be forgetting things later.

DD#3 needs me to help her with a costume, not for Halloween but for a Comicon (comic convention) The convention is during the time DD#2 will be here, so I either get that done this week, or I don't get it done at all, and she will have to come up with something else. If I can get all that fabric put away tomorrow, I might be able to get the costume done. I'm babysitting Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and DD#2 and family get here Tuesday night, so in reality, the only days I have to work on the costume are Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have other things to get done all of those days, so we'll see. Tomorrow is out, I'll be putting away fabric and cleaning up the kitchen. Always so much to do, and not everything can get done, so I have to pick and choose what I will work on. I'm not stressing about any of it right now, I'll get done what I can, and whatever I can't do, can wait or isn't that vital.


Kristie said...

That is so sweet! I tell my hubby that it is the little things like that, that make me love him so much!

Your folded fabric looks so neat and wonderful! Can I come and shop at your house?! LOL!

lynne said...

mel, i quit reading the post so i could hurry and come comment.....what a wonderful and quiet way for him to show his love, and how lovely for your daughter to be the one to make the discovery.....a great example to her of love and thoughtfulness, and integrity....we define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one is looking....that little i love you was not for show, it was a bit of a hope that you would see it and that it would brighten your day and endear him even more to your heart. those "little" things are actually the HUGE things, because they show his character and humility. and of his desire to delight you....those little things are what daily life is made up of......you are blessed my friend.. you are blessed.