Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another 2012 Goal Met!

Here is my latest finish, a quilt for the second family friend I had planned on making a quilt for this year. Now all of the new quilts I knew I needed to make on January 1st of this year are complete!

I am doing pretty well on my quilting spree. I have backings made for the next four quilts, but I haven't got any of those pin-basted yet. I am hoping to get one pin-basted tonight after the twins go to bed.

I started working on my last batch of maple leaf blocks, when those are finished I can finish the Double Delight quilt top. I need to add borders to two other quilts too, so I will likely try to just have a border day, and get all those borders sewn on in the same day. Need to finish up the maple leaf blocks first!

I designed a quilt last night, a baby quilt that I will need by the end of the year. I decided I wanted a churn dash inside a churn dash, inside a churn dash, and  I think it will be really cute! There will be a churn dash border too, yet another size, so four different sized churn dash blocks in one quilt!

Monday I went on a cutting spree. I have been working on finishing up a quilt I started long ago. DD#2 has fallen in love with it, and I owe her a quilt for her "new" bed, which is actually our old bed. I considered just making that quilt larger, but I had used the same background fabric in all the blocks, and I don't have any more of it. I looked online and couldn't find any more it either. I decided to make DD#2's quilt have scrappy white on white backgrounds, so that I didn't have to buy 8 yards of one fabric. The dark colors in the smaller quilt are what she wants, but I don't want to disassemble it so I can use the blocks in her quilt because all the outside block edges are bias edges, and I don't want to stretch them out of shape. So, I need to start from scratch on her quilt.

I dug through my 2" strip drawers, and found the 144 strips I needed for the darks. I find it hard to believe I can pull 144 strips out of that drawer and not really notice a difference in how full the drawer is. That is 8 yards of fabric, and I couldn't tell any was gone. How much fabric is in that drawer anyway?

I bought 12 different white on white fabrics a couple months ago, because I had used all mine up. I got 2 yards of each piece. So I had 24 yards of white on whites, and I needed 8 yards of that for DD#2's quilt. I realized I needed white on whites for the twins bed quilts too, and since I was cutting, I may as well cut for that too. I needed about 3 yards for that.

While I was thinking about the twins quilts, I dug out the colored strips I needed for their quilts. Finding 20 blue strips for Mr. L's quilt was easy, but when I looked for purple strips for Miss S's quilt, there were only 5 in my drawer. Hmmm, I think I like using purple. I dug out several purples so I could cut those as well, and I thought about wanting to make a summer quilt for my bed. I want it in purple, green and white. I was already cutting whites and purples, so maybe I should just go ahead and cut the whites and purples for that quilt too.

I wanted to cut the same amount from each WOW fabric, and after I figured out how many of each sized strip I needed, I cut them, and I only had about 12" left from the two yard piece. I went ahead and cut that up to my scrap user system sizes, since I didn't want to save just a foot of each white. I knew I had no white on whites in my drawers, because I have used them all. I powered through all 24 yards of WOW fabrics, and got three project boxes started.

I cut the purples for Miss S's quilt, and the pieces I needed for my summer quilt. I needed some lime green cut for the twins quilts too, and it was already out and sitting on my cutting table. I decided to cut the 480 2.5" squares I needed of that too.

So, at the end of my cutting spree I had all of DD#2's quilt cut and in a project box. I have most of the twins quilts cut out. I just need to cut up a couple novelty fat quarters I bought to add to the I Spy mix. I have the purples and whites for my summer quilt cut, and when I get a chance I can work on the greens. All in all I cut up just over 30 yards of fabric! That was a productive cutting time!

I am still working on finishing projects, but now that those are coming along so nicely, I feel fine about cutting my next starts. Next time I see WOW fabrics for sale, I guess I should think about getting some :-)

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