Sunday, July 22, 2012

Borders, Borders, Borders

I have really been jumping around on projects, and I think it is just because there is so much stuff going on in my life right now. It's hard to concentrate when you have a bunch on your mind, and even when I have been trying to prioritize what to work on I still keep jumping around.

I finished piecing the maple leaf border yesterday, so I decided today would be a bordering day. I had three quilt centers waiting for borders.

 ^I added two more borders to Double Delight Remix, the maple leaf border and the leaf fabric. The narrow Indian corn border I put on the day I assembled the center about a month ago. This quilt top is now finished, and I now have to decide if I can handle quilting something this large myself. I am really disappointed in the long arm quilter that did my Orca Bay quilt (still haven't taken a photo of that) so I either need to find a new LAQ or tackle this myself. I am leaning towards doing it myself, but I do not want to be rushed, so it will stay a quilt for a while, until life calms down. If I get too impatient, I will try a different LAQ.

^Here is a close up of the borders. I only have six repeats of maple leaves in the borders I used 48 different fabrics for the leaves, and I don't know how many background fabrics. No adjacent leaves have the same background fabric.

^This quilt that also got a border today, is one I have mentioned frequently, but haven't shown any photos of the process. When I went to Flagstaff I mentioned I sub-cut some strip sets that I had sewn a long time ago.  That was for this quilt. This was made from leftovers of DD#1's Buckeye Beauty quilt. The funny thing is, when I was sewing this quilt together, DD#2 fell in love with it, and she wants one for her bed, so I cut out another one, queen sized for her. I didn't have any more of the background fabric, and I had already sewn the quilt center together when she decided she wanted one like it with the same colors. Since all the edges are bias I didn't want to rip it apart, so I just gathered strips for a completely new quilt. DD#2 really likes this border fabric too, and I am out of it, so I will have to see if I can get more.

^I had debated what type of borders to put on this quilt. My first thought was a narrow black border with a piano key border in brights. I laid some strips alongside it, and it competed with the sashing too much. I had about four yards of this black paisley, which I think works OK. The last little bit of the border fabric is on a small minibolt now.

Fabric moving from the regular mini-bolts to the small ones, using the rest of fabrics, finding fabrics in my stash instead of buying new, all of these things are encouraging me that my stash is organized in a way that works for me.

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earthmotherwithin said...

Fabulous quilts -and I admire your persistence with the borders -not my favourite part of quilting.