Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Off the Presses!

I keep jumping around on what I'm working on. On my birthday, when I took the time to review how I was doing on my annual goals, I realized that I could meet another of my 2012 goals pretty quickly if I switched the order I was quilting my quilt tops in. I had two family friends I wanted to get quilts this year, the tops were done but not quilted. To really push me over the edge on these, DD#2 reminded me both of their birthdays are this coming week. 

I was working on piecing backings, and I put those aside and pieced the backings for these two quilts first. I did get one of the other backings finished as well, and the other two are close to being done, just two more seams per backing to sew. I managed to get a quilt center assembled while I was working on the backings too.

I finished this quilt this evening. I was really pressed for time, so I dug out my walking foot and did some straight line quilting on this one. I knew it would be less stress on my shoulders if the walking foot was helping moving the quilt along. I quilting diagonal lines in one direction, and vertical lines intersecting those. It makes parallelogram shapes on the quilt top. DD#2 was out with birthday girl #1 tonight, so I was trying to hurry up and finish. I finished the quilting after dinner, sewed on the binding by machine, took the photo and they got home about 10 minutes later. This quilt was literally given away 15 minutes after being finished. I'm glad I got a photo of it before it was given away. The recipient's birthday is tomorrow. The other quilt I need to get finished is for another girl whose birthday is Saturday. I'll be pin-basting that one on Monday.

Tomorrow I am making DD#3's birthday dinner. Her birthday was the 5th, but it didn't work out for her dinner to be then. She wants homemade chicken pot pie, which takes quite a while to make. Tomorrow I'll be cooking most of the day.

I'll be working on that other quilt starting on Monday, and I'd be really thrilled if I could get that done quickly and start working on one of my other projects again. I am really close to having the Double Delight quilt top finished. I also only have to add borders on two other quilts. Things are moving along, even if I am being crazy about skipping around. 

BTW, I got Orca Bay back today! I need to take a photo of the finished quilt. Look for it in my next post ;-)

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Stephanie Newman said...

I really love the colours in the quilt on the top of the bed, very fresh! You are so busy I'm impressed at what you are achieving.