Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've been noticing the number five pop up a lot lately. I do not believe in numerology or anything like that, and I know I am more likely to notice fives because I have five kids. Here is one five for the weekend

I got the bindings on five quilts. These are the last of my flannel fling from last year. All of these also have denim, and I still have LOTS of denim. Some flannel from thrift stores has also made it into the stash in the past year, but I have been using all of that for baby quilt backings. I have far less flannel now than I did last year and I started the flannel bust of 2011.

For a couple more fives, how about my new-to-me featherweight being made in '55, and my fifth grandbaby should arrive late this month. We have lived in AZ 10 years today, which is two fives, and today is my birthday and I am 45.

Having a birthday that equally divides the year in half is cool as an adult. Birthdays tend to make me reflect, a lot like New Year's Day does. It gives me a half year evaluation of how things are going. 

My 2012 quilty goals in January were

Make the quilt for the scooter rally- DONE
Make the two baby quilts I knew I needed -DONE, but now I need another one and I haven't started it
Make DS the Elder and DDIL's wedding quilt- DONE
Finish two quilts for family friends that were in rows - No, they are now quilt tops, but not quilted or bound
Quilt and bind at least half the quilt tops I had done on January 1st- I have finished just over half so far. I'd like to see if I can finish all the pre-2012 quilt tops this year. 
Get most of the quilts I had started to at least quilt top stage- Since I had given myself a loophole and just said most, I can count this a win. I am actually working on the last few quilt tops that were already started then.

Not bad. I ended up with more time to sew than I had anticipated, because DD#3 didn't start school when she had planned, and instead will start in two weeks. The second half of the year will include less sewing time for me. I have several of my 2012 goals met already, and some I am close to meeting. I am trying to be better about making more reasonable goals, and take into consideration all of my other commitments.

In one of my yahoo quilting groups, Stashbusters, you do a state of the stash report for your birthday. The state of my stash is this, it is large, functional, organized, being used, and I am happy with it. My stash is likely larger than last year on my birthday, but only because of the big wins I had recently on ebay for quilting basics. I have used up a bunch of fabrics in the last year, and I emptied three mini-bolts today when I was figuring backings for the next quilts to be pin-basted. I still have several quilt waiting for quilting, and they are all larger quilts so I will be using a lot of fabric for backing.

Oh, I also got about 20 more maple leaf blocks finished this weekend, and all of the quarter blocks for another quilt are now full blocks. It was a busy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love your quilts!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love your quilts!