Monday, September 10, 2012

A Quilty Finish!

I finished the quilt I was working on, and here it is! All the tan areas are micro-stippled, even the narrow one inch border, and the green areas have concentric diamonds straight quilted. The green border just has some large meandering in it. This is technically a two color quilt, just green and tan, but I used about every shade of green in it ;-) I have several scrap quilt books that specifically say you can't mix shades like this, and I ignore all of that advice. I like the movement that all the different shades create.

DH wants to give this quilt away at a scooter function next month. I'm sure he would have preferred a scooter themed quilt, and I had one in mind, but not enough time available to make it.

Things have slowed way down around here, because I am sick. If the baseball sized lumps on my neck are any indication, I have the mumps. If it's not the mumps it is a nasty viral infection, and any way you look at it I'm contagious, so no babysitting for me this week, except for the twins who are already exposed. I'm not really motivated to do much right now, and frequent napping is more my current speed. I had the chicken pox in my thirties, so getting the mumps in my forties seems reasonable, right? I must have saved all the childhood illnesses for adulthood :-P

I don't know what I am working on next, and honestly, I don't much care right now. I needed to get this quilt finished so I did. If I feel like sewing I can work on the twins quilts, and I have several quilts I need to get cut out. I have lots of scraps that need to be cut too, and maybe getting my Accuquilt Go cutter out will be the least taxing option. I finished a book last night, and downloaded a bunch of free books onto my kindle, so that may be my more my speed right now, just chilling out, reading, and hopefully healing!

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Stephanie Newman said...

Loving the variety of colours in your quilt Melodie!