Friday, September 28, 2012

Pressing Matters to Attend to

I didn't get any pressing done this week, so today, when I actually had some time to spend in my sewing room, besides sewing the six or so strips I hadn't sewn last weekend, all I did was press. I would press until my back was practically screaming at me, then I would take a break and play with the twins for a bit. The twins are funny, now that I am watching them so much, they think I am always supposed to be with them. I snuck downstairs to the sewing room while they were busy (their Mama was with them) and when they realized I was gone, Miss S started calling for me and getting very upset. She was practically in a panic looking for me saying "Nana! Nana! Nana is lost!" I had to come comfort her for a bit, then she was OK, but Mr. L needed me to comfort him several times. It's nice to be loved, even if it does cut into my sewing time.

I always underestimate pressing time. Pressing these strips literally took hours.

Here are the snowball blocks for the twins I Spy quilts. I trimmed the corners last night while watching Voyager on Netflix. I realized I think I missed most of the last season. I am really not good at remembering to watch TV, and I probably spend less than 4 hours a week watching anything. A lot of weeks I watch nothing at all, no movies or television. At any rate, I got all of these pressed today. I need 116 for the two quilts, but there are almost 130 here. I always make a few extras when making I Spy quilts, sometimes I change a few squares out if the background color is looking too overwhelming in the quilt. These I Spy squares will alternate with nine patches, which aren't quite done yet.

Because of my sewing room rearrange, I now have a little bit of wall space available that I didn't have before. There was just enough room to have DH put my pegboard up to hold my rulers. I haven't been able to use my pegboard since I changed to this sewing room, and I missed having it up. I will likely rearrange the rulers a few times until I find the best arrangement, but this is a start. The rulers I use most are on the pegboard built into my cutting workbench.

Tomorrow we are having DD#2's birthday dinner. Her birthday is the first of October, and it wasn't going to work to have it on her birthday, so I opted for earlier, we almost always have her birthday dinner late, and I didn't want to do that again. I need to do some grocery shopping in the morning, then I'll likely spend most of the day in the kitchen.

Sunday I should have some sewing time, where I likely won't be sewing. I need to run all the larger strips for the floral quilt through my Go cutter to cut the HST's. I'd like to iron the strips right sides together before I run them through the cutter, so they are all ready to sew together.

This coming week is going to be fun and busy. We have a good friend coming to visit on Tuesday, and DS the Elder and family will be coming at the end of the week. We have a big scooter function next weekend, which culminates in a dinner here for everyone, so I am expecting about 50 people here for dinner next weekend. Needless to say, any "spare" time will be spent cooking and cleaning.

I had someone ask me to make a quilt this week. They need it to "give away" in three weeks. Hmmmm, let's see, I am babysitting about 50 hours a week between the twins and the other two kids I babysit. I have a bunch of out of town company coming next week, and a major function to prepare for next weekend. I cook and do laundry for six people, besides nasty other things like cleaning. Somehow, with kids all over the floor all the time, not cleaning at all seems like a bad idea. So with all this abundance of free time, I am supposed to make a quilt in three weeks? You know what? I didn't find it difficult at all to say "No."

Oh, I almost forgot, I decided to sell my Bernina 1080, and it's listed on ebay right now. I just had fully serviced about a week ago, and everything checked out fine. With my Bernina Aurora 440, and the Juki 98, and my vintage machines, I felt it was time to let something go. This will mean I will only have the Aurora that can do anything else besides a straight stitch, but since I mostly quilt, I usually only use a straight stitch.

Looks like garment sewing will definitely be on the Aurora, and that's fine, the Aurora has all the bells and whistles aside from embroidery since I didn't buy the embroidery unit. There are a bunch of really fun decorative stitches though, so I am set for a fancy machine. The 1080 was my first Bernina, and it will always hold a place in my heart for that, it is just time for it to not hold a place in my house.

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