Thursday, September 6, 2012


I actually have been doing some sewing, quilting on a quilt in little bits of time here and there. I don't want to take a photo of that until it's finished, so I'll put up some pics of my grandkids instead.

The twins have been on an apple kick, asking for apples all the time! I'm hoping to take them to an apple orchard soon, so they can see where apples come from. The apple orchard closest I want to take them to is open until the end of October, and it's about a 90 minute drive each way.

The front closet is a prime piece of real estate in our house. The twins hide in there all the time, and since Miss E is visiting, she tried to get in there too.

Here is Miss E playing with her Aunt (DD#2)

I borrowed a pic from DD#1, and here are Mr. Z and Mr. J waving from South Africa!

DDIL's knee surgery has been postponed, so they will be going home on Saturday. Some insurance issues need to be worked out before it can be rescheduled. 

Now I will have a bit more time to sew than I had anticipated, so finishing this quilt for early October should be much easier now. I made a rookie mistake when I started quilting it, and I had forgotten to change the tension when I had switched from FMQ the last quilt, to using the walking foot this quilt. I didn't do a sample piece, which I know I should have done. The quilt I am quilting is in sort of a barn raising layout, so I was quilting concentric diamonds to mimic the piecing. When I had finished about a 2 ft by 2 ft area, I ended the thread, and noticed the tension on the back was awful! I had to rip it all out, and the only good thing about that was the tension was so bad it was fairly quick to rip out. When only sewing in little bits of time, it's easy to forget things, and hard to catch back up. 

I am finished all the straight line quilting on the quilt, and right now I am free motion quilting the border. I plan on changing thread colors after the border, and go back and stipple in the light diamond paths in the center. I'm hoping to have the quilt finished by the end of next weekend at the latest.

The next project is still undecided. I need to cut out a baby quilt I need before December, and I just got a request for more baby bibs. If I cut out the baby quilt, I can work on it and the twins bed quilts at the same time. I have a couple other quilts I want to get cut out as well. Soooo many ideas in my head! I am learning to quilt in little snatches of time, so I get to see progress, which is really encouraging!

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Katie M. said...

Melodie, this is not related to your post but I had to post of what a small world this is. I have a dear friend who is in the VA hospital and was treated in the ER by your DH. My friend is an ATV rider and they got to talking about scooters. I popped up and said, "I bet his wife is a quilter" My friend said, "How did you know?". I told her the magic of blog land.
BTW - you've got some super cute grandkids!