Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sew Busy :-)

I have had two big sewing days, and made lots of progress!

Look at my bin of strips! I ran out of colored strips, so all the stripsets I am going to make are done. I even put these leftover white strips away in my 2" light strips drawer, and put the container away too. Step 1 on DD#2's quilt is done!

Here are all my newest strip sets ready for pressing. The pattern is from a book called Noodle Soup. Doesn't this look like a bunch of noodles?

Here is where I really made lots of progress. From left to right are all the rows for Mr. L's quilt, the borders for the comfort quilt, the rows for the comfort quilt, and last are the rows for Miss S's quilt.  Another day or two of assembly and I will have three quilt tops done. Well, maybe, I still haven't decided on borders for the twins quilts.

I also finished quilting the baby quilt, though the binding isn't on yet. I was taking photos for this post, and I hadn't planned on putting up another picture of the baby quilt. I saw how the lighting was accentuating the texture of the quilting on the backing and I just had to take a photo.

Tomorrow will likely be a lousy day for sewing, but the plan is to at least get the binding on the baby quilt, and sew some patches on some vests for scooter club members. If I have any more time than that, I will work on assembling the comfort quilt. Hooray for good sewing days!


Katie M. said...

Great production! I can't stay focused to work on more than one project at a time - wish I could. The quilting is really awesome. A great picture.

angelindisguise said...

wow - you always manage to get soooo much done! the quilting on the yellow is awesome and the noolde soup - weel, just wow!