Friday, October 19, 2012

Starting to Look Like Quilts!

I have been working on so many different projects at once, that for a while it just looks like I've gotten nothing done, then everything seems to come together at once. Today was that day.

 ^Here is the baby quilt top I've been working on. Tomorrow the plan is to figure out batting and backing for it. I have some sage green and white plaid flannel that I'd like to use as the backing. It's not wide enough as this quilt is about 48" square, so some kind of piecing must be done. The batting is a little more difficult. I will either piece some polyester batting together, or use Warm and Natural which I have on a roll. I normally don't use Warm and Natural when I have this much white in a quilt. I will have to look at the polyester batting scraps I have, and see how much piecing I'd have to do. I'll decide after I look and see what I have. I don't want to buy another roll of batting for a while, so I either need to make do with what I have, or just buy single battings. I know for sure I will buy a big roll of batting come late next spring, as that will likely start another quilting marathon for me. I only have space to store one roll of batting in my current sewing room, so I plan to use up the roll of Warm and Natural before buying another roll, and that should take me through spring, but maybe not, we'll see. I do have a couple big quilts to quilt, and those use the batting fast.

While I was looking at the baby quilt pinned up, I realized that a Churn Dash block put on point would looks a lot like the Green Lantern symbol. I wonder if I could find any Green Lantern licensed fabric for a border, then put Churn Dash blocks on point for the center of the quilt. It would be a great boy quilt!

^This is a sneak peek at the comfort quilt I'm making. I have all the white bordered blocks finished, but these are the only two blue bordered blocks I have done. I used a solid white so people could sign the quilt with fabric markers. The first comfort quilt I made I tried collecting the signatures first, but people wrote in the seam allowances even though they were marked, and it took forever. There were still people who wanted to sign the quilt that hadn't gotten a chance to sign the pieces before it was sewn, so probably half the people who signed the quilt ended up signing the finished quilt anyway. Since then I just make the quilt from start to finish, then send along the finished quilt with the markers for people to sign. It works fine, people are pretty careful to write neatly on a quilt, and honestly, it is much less stressful for me.

The comfort quilt took all the rest of my Kona white. I bought about 8 yards not long ago, but I've had to make a couple comfort quilts, and its gone. I'd actually love to have about five bolts of Kona solids, white, cream, black, red, and I'd probably pick bone or snow too, or maybe tan. I really like using solids in my quilts, and I think one of these days I will make an all solids quilt, though not Amish in style. I have my solid scraps stored separately from my prints with that in mind.

Tonight I sewed while watching Bonnie Hunter on Quiltcam! It was one of the few times I've been sewing while watching. I'm usually making dinner or feeding the twins. It was great fun to feel like we were sewing together. I'm hoping to be in my sewing room while she's on tomorrow too, but we'll see. I need to get that baby quilt layered and pin basted ASAP. Sunday I will likely have no sewing time, if we actually get to go apple picking as planned. We were supposed to go last weekend, but it didn't happen. Next week is a big babysitting week, so likely no sewing time until Friday again. I need to make tomorrow count!

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