Friday, October 4, 2013

Quilting Away Ten Minutes at a Time

I have actually been sewing, in between everything else going on. The thread I ordered for Easy Street was on backorder, and since I had some time to sew, I started quilting Thrice Broken Dishes first.

I stitched-in-the-ditch between all the blocks, and also between the borders. Since everything was pretty stable after all the ditch quilting, I went ahead and quilted some simple loops in the border. I will go ahead and bind this quilt before I finish the quilting. I plan to use a stencil in each block, and that will take a while since there are 144 blocks. I bought a pink quilt pounce to mark the lines, since I didn't think blue or white would work well.

My thread for Easy Street finally got here on Wednesday, so I switched which quilt I was working on. I need Easy Street finished for the beginning of November.

I'm just quilting swirls in an allover pattern, in a great variegated thread, King Tut color Cleopatra. It has all the colors in this quilt, and here I thought I had picked something unusual. I have 1/4 of the quilt quilted so far, I've been quilting like a mad woman! If I have ten minutes or more, I've been trying to run downstairs and quilt a few swirls. I had a pretty good chunk of time yesterday to sew, and that was so helpful in making some progress.

The weekend is a wash. The big scooter event that ends at out house is Sunday, so tomorrow I need to start working on food, and finish up the cleaning. I've made a lot of progress on the clutter in little chunks of time during the week. DH has been smoking meat for the past couple days, and today he's making homemade barbecue sauce. He does the meat and sauce, I do the desserts and sides. This is our fifth El Scoot event, and we pretty much have it down. There may be as many as 50 people here on Sunday, we'll see.

Oh, and with all my "extra" time this week, DD#2 and I got the wedding invitations and the bridal shower invitations mailed!

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phxquilt said...

You are so organized. I sometimes use the 5-10-13 min method of getting big jobs done too. My DD has perfected it!