Friday, September 27, 2013

A Proposal

It's been crazy around here! Lots of family stuff going on, lots of good, some bad. Last weekend DH and I ran away from home, and spent the weekend someplace cooler and calmer. On our way back to town, our future son-in-law bought us dinner and asked our blessings for him to marry DD#2! We happily gave them, and last night was the proposal :-)

He came down to Tucson to propose, (he lives in the greater Phoenix area), and proposed in our backyard.

The answer was obviously a yes!

The engagement ring, which DD#2 wanted to be a sapphire and it is, with a couple bonus diamonds on either side.

So, now we have two weddings in the works! The newest proposal (DD#2) will be the first wedding, December 8th of THIS year! DS the Younger and his fiance will be getting married in our backyard on March 14, 2014. It is wedding central around here!

I haven't even turned on a sewing machine in a couple weeks, but I did get two big quilts pin-basted. Thrice Broken Dishes is a quilt I started for DD#2 last year, but never finished. I will try to get it finished for their December wedding. I have a pineapple quilt that I planned to make for their wedding, but there is no way I could have it made in time. I'm hoping first anniversary! At least by finishing Thrice Broken Dishes they can have a quilt I made on their bed, and I can take my time on the quilt I really wanted to make them.

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phxquilt said...

You are definitely going to be one very busy lady for the next couple of months. Congratulations on the happy future events.