Monday, September 2, 2013

Thrice Broken Dishes

I managed to get one quilt top together this holiday weekend, but barely have started borders on the other I was hoping to get finished. This quilt top we are calling Thrice Broken Dishes. It is a Twice Broken Dishes pattern, but if you look closely, the blocks are laid out as one big Broken Dishes block. The greens and blues are pretty scrappy so it blends in quite a bit, and there is a big brown diamond messing up the design a bit, but it is there.

This was one of the quilts for which I was making piano key borders. The quilt made from the leftovers of this quilt, will also have piano key borders. This quilt is for DD#2 and was supposed to be finished last year. Hmmm, I'm hoping for this year!

If I get any sewing time tomorrow, I'll be working on the borders for Easy Street. Once I get that quilt top done it's a quilting marathon for me. I have three quilts that MUST be finished this year, and I am running out of time!

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