Thursday, September 5, 2013

Easy Street Borders

Easy Street is a quilt top!!! I got the borders sewn on today. I had enough red to do the red/purple/red inner border I wanted, but i didn't want to sew the borders on individually. Mitering would have been perfect, but I've never done that, and frankly, I am too stressed over other things to try a new technique right now. I decided run on borders were good enough. I did consider cornerstones, but opted to not do that either. It was the easy way on this Easy Street quilt. The outer border I added has a jazz theme to it, so kind of a Big Easy feel to it. This fabric was in my stash (DH has a scrub top out of the same fabric) and it happened to have all the colors of my Easy Street quilt in it. I had several people think it was too wild for a border, but I love it.

I'll take a full on pic tomorrow, when I have quilt holders available.

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Mary K said...

Can't wait to see it all. It looks real cool and wild!