Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Down, Two to Go!

I've finished one of the quilts I needed before the end of the year! Granted, this is just the baby quilt, and the other two are queen/king sized, but still, a finish is a finish!

This baby quilt is for baby Austin, due to make an appearance in November. Austin's mommy is a daughter of a good friend. I opted for a scrappy binding, which I think is a perfect complement to the scrappy top. I quilted with swirls, which gives the quilt some great texture. I had such a good time quilting the swirls, I think I will quilt swirls on Easy Street too.

The next two quilts I need are Easy Street and Thrice Broken Dishes. Tops are done, backings ready, I have batting for both, I just need the time to pin-baste them. I ordered some thread to quilt Easy Street with, but it's on backorder. I have everything to quilt Thrice Broken Dishes. I need Easy Street for early November, Thrice Broken Dishes for December. I am hoping to pin baste one of those this week, but it's very unlikely I could pin baste both this week. I do, however, have enough pins to do both, because I just bought some extra pins. I even have a plan on how to quilt both quilts. Time without toddlers under foot is what I am lacking.

If I manage to get any time in the sewing room this week, I hope to start cutting out DS the Younger's wedding quilt. His wedding is in March, and that quilt isn't even started yet! I have two other big quilts I know I need for next year, so it's a lot of big bed quilts for me for a while.

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