Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three Seams Away

I am just three seams away from having my five remaining deadline quilts for this year into quilt tops!

I finished this baby quilt top today, and I'm pretty happy with it. I think by the time I'm finished quilting it, it will look more like pumpkins.

I finished the fourth quarter of my niece's quilt top today, so once I sew the quarters into halves, then the halves together, I will have five quilt tops ready to quilt! No pics of my niece's quilt until it's gifted. Her bridal shower is on the 18th, and my goal is to have it done by then. Just over two weeks to get a 108" square quilt quilted and bound! Not to mention all the other things I have going on. Life sure is an adventure these days!

I am feeling a lot more confident that I can get these quilts done now that the tops are finished.

I have completely dropped DS the Elder's wedding quilt off this year's list. It's just not going to happen, and I know that. They do have a quilt I made on their bed, so it's all good, and their wedding quilt will be one of my first projects for 2017. With that addition to my 2017 list, I already have six quilts on my list for next year! Two of those are wedding quilts, and must be done, four of those I could skip if I don't have the time, though I would like to do at least a fast pattern and do something for the four kids of one of the couples getting married.

I'm not sure how chaotic things will be with three families here. I'm sure it won't be calm, but how wild it will seem is unknown. I tend to think that after an adjustment period, the cousins will bond and learn to get along, and so will all the adults. I need to rewatch the movie Pollyanna, because I am trying my best to play the glad game, and think of all the wonderful things the future has in store. Watching our grandkids grow, and getting a chance to bond with two we've never even seen is such a blessing! I know there are challenges ahead, but I'm believing the blessings will outweigh them.

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phxquilt said...

You have my admiration and all my good thoughts for your busy future.