Monday, October 13, 2008

    Aren't these the cutest little stars? At this point the are 4 1/2 inches, so they'll finish at 4". These are for my SIL Stars and Stripes quilt. I actually have more done on this project now, but things are moving slow because I accidently cut the tip of my ring finger off while chopping onions, and I'm hurting and taking frequent breaks.
     These little stars are the centers of the medium stars, which are the center of the largest stars. I have all the medium stars done, and I'm just two seams away from having all the large stars done. After that, I can start quilt top assembly. That will mean two tops done, waiting to be pinned, which I'm not sure I can do very easily while babying one hand. We'll see, but right now I'm just going to concentrate on getting this top done. Maybe I can recruit help for the pinning.

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