Thursday, October 23, 2008

Racing quilt done

I finished the second t-shirt quilt I was working on. This one quite obviously has a racing theme, and I'm happy with how it turned out. I learned a lot from making the first t-shirt quilt, and that helped this one go together better. I guess the t-shirt quilts are being shown around, and others are saying they want one. We'll see what happens.
    My next projects include making that fleece jacket for Karen, more luggage tags, steering wheel covers, and  more scrub tops, all for others. I am supposed to be making my daughters some clothes to go under the tree at Christmas, and making a couple scrub tops for my husband as well. I guess I'll use all my "free" time to get that done.
    Another project I'm working on is recipe cards for everyone who is constantly asking for my recipes. I'm trying to type up a recipe or two every day, and hopefully by Christmas I'll have a good selection to give. I figured with recipe cards, I could add a few every year, and not be overwhelmed trying to do a recipe book all at once. The hardest part of this project is I've made up so many recipes, and I rarely measure, so trying to guesstimate amounts is tough. Even on baking, I tend to bake until it's the right color, not for a certain amount of time, but that would make for lousy directions. I'm doing my best.
     I don't think I'll have any time to quilt in the very near future, which is a shame, because I was just given a HUGE box of quilting books from my husband's grandmother. I will take time during breaks to look through them and mark a few patterns to make when I do have time. I already found one pattern I had just seen online, and admired. It is a snake quilt, perfect for  little boy. I'm thinking Project Linus here.

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