Friday, February 27, 2009

Cat quilt top done!

    For anyone who has been waiting to see pictures, I just finished the cat quilt top for my grandbaby. Here it is! I haven't decided how to go about quilting it.

    It was very sunny when I took the picture as you can tell, that the only reason you can see all my seam allowances. You may recall that I had more snail trail blocks cut out than I needed for the cat quilt. I sewed up the extras, and made this bonus charity quilt. It's not that big, but I am not cutting out any more snail trail blocks, so that's the size it's going to stay!

     This charity quilt I will save and quilt on my quilting machine after I get some practice. My next quilting goal is to make some fast tops to practice on, after my first few plain muslin practice quilt sandwiches. 
     I am making pretty good progress on my guest room quilt, which I'm doing as leaders and enders. I need to cut out the rest of the blocks for my double delight, and do it as leaders and enders as well. At least if I do that, I'll be making some progress on it.


SandyQuilts said...

How adorable.

Michelle said...

Yuu made the most GORGEOUS quilts!

Renate said...

Your catquilt is so beautiful. Love the pattern.
I like the other quilt too, very nice.
Renate from Germany

Piwacket said...

I love the cat quilt! Naturally.