Monday, February 2, 2009

Burp cloths and cloth book

    I took a break from quilting to make these burp cloths and a cloth book for my grandbaby. I found the burp cloth pattern online, and I liked the fact they were contoured to fit on your shoulder better.
   I finished all three quilt tops I was working on. They are all pin-basted and ready to quilt. I'm hoping to get at least one quilted today. I am still quilting on my regular machine. I got my quilting frame, but have had no time to set it up, so there are just boxes everywhere! It may be a couple weeks before I am up and going on that, and since I need weeks of practice to know what I'm doing, I'll probably be quilting several quilts on my regular machine before I'm ready to do one on the frame.

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MaryLu said...

My sister made me some burp cloths like this. I loved them!
Handmade stuff like that is always so special.

BTW, I love the Celtic Knot quilt, it is gorgeous! It's har to believe it was made from those two blocks you posted earlier. Amazing!