Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Progress

      I have been working on so many projects at once, I decided to push this weekend and get at least one to quilt top stage. I had lots of scraps from the flannel baby quilts, including all the HST's left over from making the snowball blocks. I had double sewed while I was making the snowball blocks, so the HST's were already together. I still haven't made a design wall, so I threw a piece of flannel over the door and started playing with the HST's on there. I debated on pinwheel blocks with sashing. I make a lot of pinwheels from leftover HST's, and from snowball blocks, it always works out right because you need four HST's for each pinwheel, and you've cut four corners off of each snowball works. 
     I wasn't liking the way it was coming out because of the fact I had different amounts of each color, and I didn't want to make any more. Instead of fighting the uneven color amounts, I decided to go with it, and came up with this.

     I'm pretty happy with it. I wasn't too concerned about everything matching perfectly, This is a bonus quilt, and besides scraps I pulled one flannel fat quarter from my stash to do the inner border. I've already cut most of the remaining flannel from these projects into squares, and I think I can get at least one more baby quilt out of them.
     While I was concentrating on getting this top together, I was sewing the snail trail (cat tail) blocks for the cat quilt as leaders and enders. I got the ten I need for the grandbaby quilt done. I started on the other snail trail blocks that are cut out, that I'll put in a charity quilt. I already figured out a layout for the charity quilt. I debated on starting the cat blocks, but I figured while I was making such good progress on the snail trail blocks, I might as well go for it. Besides, with all those little pieces, I was afraid I'd lose some if I waited too long to get those together.
    Today's focus, working on the rest of the snail trail blocks, using the guest room quilt as leaders and enders. If I get the snail trail blocks done, that's iffy, I'll start the cat blocks. Also, I need to get some muslin washed up and ironed. I want to cut out all the corners for my String X string blocks, and cut some squares to use for a double four patch quilt. I need some quick quilt tops that I can practice on with my quilting machine, and I have a bunch of four patches I've made as leaders and enders. I think a double four patch will be fast to whip up, since the four patches are done. I won't be assembling that until after I finish the cat quilt, but if everything is cut, it will go fast when I'm ready. If I have time, I'll make a couple string blocks. We'll see.

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SandyQuilts said...

I love it. I have a bunch of those little blocks ... I might copy your idea.