Monday, February 16, 2009

Some light blankets ready to go

   Here are three light blankets I made for my grandbaby. My MIL made me some like this when I was having babies, and they were some of my favorites. They are just big square double-sided blankets, no batting. I always took the pink/blue combo one I had to the hospital, and wrapped the baby with the appropriate color showing on the outside. I think square blankets are easier to use for swaddling. I never liked receiving blankets. To me they are too small to be used for much of anything. Maybe if I had smaller babies I might have liked them.
Today my goal is to get the cat grandbaby quilt cut out. If I can get that one done, I can mail all the blankets, burp cloths, and such. They definitely should have enough blankets for this wee one. I have two other blankets to send that my DD was wrapped in as a baby made by her grandmothers. Lots of generations being held by older ones through blankets, quilts, and afghans. Isn't it great?

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maria said...

I love those blankets.
But what size are they?