Friday, February 20, 2009

Quilting machine set up

   We finally had time yesterday to set up the quilting machine. I have a Little Grace 2 frame with a Juki 98QE. My husband was quite the trooper, he had so little idea of what I bought, he was surprised when he opened the box and saw it was wooden. Here is the first opening of the boxes. I was very impressed with the packing, and the labeling of parts was fantastic! All of the nuts, bolts and such were in separate Ziploc bags with labels saying exactly which size and type they were. Very helpful.

   Here it is partway assembled. I have an old double school desk I use as a coffee table and it really came in handy for this project. We are setting it up in queen mode, this frame can't do a king, and if I only made crib size quilts, I doubt I would have ever bought a frame. The only place in the house it will fit in is the living room, so that's where it goes. You can see one of our dogs, Bianca, in the picture. She is not sure what to think of this big thing, and was slinking around all day.

   This is the picture of the frame all assembled. DH did the wiring today, but we haven't taken a picture since that's been done. We did a bit more rearranging of furniture, and are storing the frame up against the wall under the big clock. I'll have to pull it out to use it, but that OK. I need to attach my leaders onto the poles, but that will probably wait until next week. There were a couple of pieces missing, that I am now waiting for. I called the company and they are sending them out today. They were very helpful, and only one missing piece was their fault. The box with the fourth rail had broken open during shipping, and all of the hardware was lost. Definitely not the companies fault, but as I said, they were very nice about replacing it.

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