Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One flannel center done

   Here is the center of one of the flannel quilts. I thought the layout was cute when I saw it. I like the connecting shapes. With this color combination, primaries connect only with other primaries, and secondaries connect to other secondaries. It should be a good quilt for teaching a baby their colors. It's still needs a border, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

   I haven't got near as much sewing accomplished today as I thought I would. I have been surfing the net looking up info for my quilting machine and frame. So much to learn, so many projects in the works: it's all good. I did decide to just quilt the flannel quilts on my regular machine. The flannel has so much play in it, I'm afraid it wouldn't be a good beginner project for my frame.


ilesliemy said...

Love your baby quilt! Go to Yahoo Groups and join the one called Home Quilting Systems. They will be a great resource for quilting on a frame. I had a Pfaff
Grand Quilter on an Inspira frame. It moved well and for what it could do it did well - I prefer to do block by block style of quilting rather than over all patterns so after a year I sold the frame, but kept the machine.

Janet Hartje said...

I love the bright colors! Fun quilt.