Monday, January 5, 2009

Double Delight progress

    I have step one finished. Here they are... 120 square in a square blocks. They are all trimmed to size and ready to go.

Here is what I have done on step 2. All 120 square in a square blocks are sewn, but not all ironed or trimmed.

     I have everything cut for step 3 and I've started sewing. All the trimming of the square in a square blocks get tiresome for me, so I figure I will work on the step 3 in between trimming the step 2 blocks. I looked at the other steps this morning, and I may assemble bigger blocks as I have enough of the smaller blocks done. Between my big dogs and me, we keep knocking all the small blocks on the floor, and I don't feel like pinning them together to prevent that, so I think I'll just sew them together as I go. Bigger blocks are harder to knock on the floor, and easier to keep together.
     Now that I know where this quilt is going, I am very excited and so glad I decided to keep this one. I know I'm not going to want to give it away. I don't know what Bonnie has planned for the borders, but since I've used fall colors, I may decide to use the maple leaf border that is in one of my new quilting books. I just love anything with leaves or vines, even though I shy away from florals. Bonnie's original color scheme is looking great, but definitely wouldn't match my room. With a few changes, this is definitely my quilt, and I'm loving it! Thanks for the design, Bonnie!

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Pat H. said...

I like your colors!