Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrap sorting and grandbaby quilt start

    I haven't blogged in a week, because I really had nothing to show. I've been working on taming the scrap basket, cutting all the odds and ends into usable size squares or strips. I spent days doing that, and didn't sew a thing. While I was cutting, I cut out four complete quilts, and one of those is scrappy from my new batch of scraps. I have two piles started for two other scrap quilts, but not enough pieces cut for either of those quilts. My drawers for specific sized scraps are filling up nicely now, but that basket I keep scrap fabric in does NOT seem to be going down much! I started saving a few new sizes for me, like 2 inch and  3 1/2 inch strips. I had to go buy more plastic drawers to store the new sizes in. I keep tweaking my scrap system, trying to find which sizes I actually use the most. I am cutting more strips now than when I started to organize my scraps, and fewer squares, but still some.  I looked through some quilt books and picked out some patterns I want to try, and some I have already used that are quick, and kept those in mind while I cut.
     The four quilts I managed to get completely cut out are: grandbaby flannel quilt, and an extra just like it, the Celtic knot quilt I have to make for my SIL to raffle off, and a quilt to go on the guest bed all cut from men's shirts. I love plaids, and Bonnie Hunter's book Scraps and Shirttails is right up my alley. 
    Anyway, the flannel quilts are the ones I'm working on. Well, I'm starting to piece the Celtic quilt as leaders and enders, but I'm mostly working on the flannel quilts. That is what the picture is at the top of this post. I finished the nine patches for both baby quilts. Why am I making two? I keep needing baby quilts as gifts, and I donate a lot of them, so an extra one always comes in handy. While I was cutting, I realized I had enough flannel for two, so I decided to just make two at once. The borders and backings will be different, so they will not be identical anyway. I took two pictures of my nine patches tonight. One picture was too light, and you couldn't tell the difference between blue and purple. The other was too dark, and the white isn't white. Obviously, I chose to post the one that was too dark. Trust me, the white flannel is white. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but each stack of nine patches has a different amount of blocks in it. It looks rather haphazard, like I have no plan. I have a plan and, yes, there is a reason that one block is all purple when all the rest have two colors. I did have to do some frogging today (unsewing, you know, rippit, rippit), when I realized I had mistakenly made red/yellow blocks and there shouldn't be any of that combination. It's all fixed now, so tomorrow I'll start on the other blocks for these quilts.

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