Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Steps 4 and 5 of Double Delight

Here are my first 2 blocks of step 4. I am finding it amazing that once this block is together, you completely lose the square in a square block look, in favor of the larger design. Too cool!

Here are my first two blocks of Step 5. It's my first time making double nine-patches. I will have to make more, these are looking good to me.

Here the are together. Do they play well together?

     My progress as a whole is this- step 1 complete, step 2 complete (all done the trimming-YEAH!), step 3 about halfway done, and this is all I have done for steps 4 and 5. I really wanted to see how my colors were going to come together, so I did a couple blocks early. I will probably alternate on step 3 and steps 4 and 5 as I can. Somehow it makes me feel like I have more accomplished that way.


Ingrids strik og patchwork said...

Look wonderful ....:o)

Best wishes

Bonnie said...

Looking great! This is so back burner for me it is in another room! I'll print the pattern and figure it out after I get some finishes! I've been starting like crazy the last half of 2008. So, I'm focusing on finishes. (Well until I start this cool turquoise quilt...)

Gena in Dallas said...

Love your chosen colors. Gorgeous!

Cherold said...

Too pretty!! You are way ahead of me...I only have 30 units of step 1 done. LOL :)


Pat H. said...

OH How Nice! I like it! I'm just sewing my step 3 together.

Regi said...

Beautiful... I love how yours is turning out!

I am still working on step 1. Taking my time and getting to know my seam ripper very very well *smiles* but it will be so worth it.


Lynda said...

Im not doing this one right now but have to say your's is turning out beautiful love the colors

Aune Mattila said...

Lovely colors! It will turn really fantastick! Aune

Elaine Adair said...

He, he, he --- I looked, but that's about where I am also. Trying to get one block done each morning, before work. My 9-patches needed a bit more color so I've altered my original color pallette just a teensy bit.

Very pretty!

Kathy Wagner said...

Your blocks look great together!
I am having fun watching your progress!