Monday, January 26, 2009

Celtic blocks done

     I've been piecing the Celtic blocks in between the flannel blocks, and I was pretty sure I'd run out of the Celtic blocks first. I was right! Here they are; stacks of the two blocks needed for the pattern.

Here they are laid out on the table. I'll probably get them sewn together tomorrow. Now if I can just sew them together without getting them all turned around! Direction is everything in this quilt to make the knots work. I usually make my quilts rectangles, but I'm going to leave this one a square. I'll be adding two borders to this, and it should end up about 50 inches square.

    It's amazing what designs you can create with just two blocks, or even one on some quilts. The flannel quilts are two blocks quilts, and one of those is a nine patch just like on this one. The second block is not the same, and it will have a completely different look.

1 comment:

Loretta said...

What a beautiful quilt!!! Where did you get the pattern for this? I must make one for myself!!!
Thanks in advance!