Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chunk 5

I didn't sew a stitch yesterday, but today I got chunk 5 of the Celtic mystery done, as well as all of the double nine patches for Double Delight. Chunk 6 is all laid out and ready to go for tomorrow. I really need to try to get more than one chunk done per day if I'm going to finish with time to spare, but life has just been crazy lately, so if all I get done is one chunk per day, I'll deal with it. At least I'm making some progress, right?

I am waffling on what to use for leaders/enders right now. I don't really like using string blocks for my leader/ender project, but I have few other options ready to go. I could make 4 patches for no project in particular, knowing I'll use them sooner or later. I could take the time to sew up some strips for Perkiomen Daydream, subcut them, and use them for leaders/enders. I could also cut out the quilt I pulled fabric for, and use it as a leader/ender project. I think I'm feeling too rushed right now to take the time to cut, even though I know it would make me more productive in the long run. I have a bunch of blue 2 1/2" squares already cut, leftover from the split nine patch quilt. Maybe I'll do something with them...

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