Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chunk 6

My goal was to get two chunks done today, and that didn't happen, but I did get some cutting done, so that was a good thing. I cut the sashing for the Shamrock quilt. I decided to use green cornerstones with the black sashing, and the man's shirt as the first border. I got all of those cut too. I haven't decided about the outside border for that quilt, I'm going to wait until the center is done to decide.

I also started cutting for the quilt I pulled fabrics for the other other day. I have what I think are enough strips cut, but I'm guesstimating. I haven't figured out all of the measurements for that quilt, so I'm subcutting the strips just a bit at a time. I just needed 2 1/2 inch strips, so if I cut too many strips, that's fine, but if I subcut them to specific sizes, and I cut too many, I'm stuck with weird pieces leftover. If I didn't cut enough strips, that's OK too, because I have more of all of the fabrics. I'm really winging this one.

I figured out a plan for all of those extra 2 1/2 " blue squares, and started sewing them into four patches, and cut some white 4 1/2" squares to go with them.

Now that I have plenty of leader/ender things ready to go, I'm feeling a bit better about my progress. Tomorrow I'm babysitting, so if I do any sewing at all, it may just be some string blocks while baby is sleeping. I do have chunk 7 laid out and ready to go too, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

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